Life Swiss Coaching


Valentina is a successful entrepreneur in real estate, as well as a certified life coach. She approached me to create a one-page website for her coaching activities.

What attracted her in my offer was the idea to present her approach and her services in a single page.


“Our paths with Christelle crossed during my search for a competent person to create my new “one-page” website.

What seduced me about her was first of all her gentle and professional way of listening and communicating with her clients.
Almost immediately she understood my needs and very quickly and efficiently achieved exactly what I needed.
A well-structured, elegant and reliable project.

If I had to define our collaboration, I would say that it was: efficient, fast, professional, motivating and very pleasant.
And Christelle in all that is a gentle and determined woman, a great professional who knows her subject and shares it with her clients in a way that is unique to her.”


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